Marquette University-Men's Basketball

Are there any discounts offered?

Yes! The 2 available camp discounts are: Marquette Staff and Multiple Session. Each discount is worth $25.00 off. The discounts only apply to the Day Camp Sessions and cannot be combined with other discounts. The full $100 deposit is due upon online registration. The discount is applied to the remaining balance of the camp.

A Marquette Staff discount is available for the child of an individual employed by Marquette University. To receive this discount, you must submit your request to before registering online. Only those emails from a Marquette University account will be granted the code. Each child that is signed up for the camp session will receive a $25 discount. If they are signed up for multiple sessions, they will receive the $25 discount for each session.

A Multiple Session discount is offered to those families who have one child signed up for multiple camp sessions AND/OR have multiple children signed up for a camp session. If one child is being signed up for multiple camps, the first camp session would be full price, while there would be a $25 discount for each of the subsequent sessions ($300 each). If 2 or more children are being signed up, the first child’s camp fee would be full price ($325.00) while a discount of $25 would be applied to each of the subsequent children’s fees ($300.00 each). The $100 deposit is required at the time of sign up. After, the discount is applied to the remaining balance.

Please Note: If you are an MU employee and are signing up for multiple sessions, you can only get the $25 off for your first session using your MU employee code and the second camp would be $25 off using the multiple session discount.

What is the camp refund policy?

Partial refunds are available if our staff is notified at least two weeks prior to the start of camp, but we will withhold a $100.00 deposit for reserving your space. If you notify our staff less than two weeks prior to the start of camp there is NO REFUND, unless it is for a medical reason. No exceptions. Sorry

If a camper is unable to participate for a medical reason a full refund is available with a doctor’s note. Full refunds for medical reasons are available regardless of when the staff is notified.

What items should my child bring to camp?

Campers should wear basketball gear (t-shirt, shorts, gym shoes, etc.) every day. Your child will receive a reversible jersey to wear over their t-shirt on day 1. Campers can bring water bottles, however water and Gatorade will be provided in coolers around the gyms. There will also be Gatorade for sale in the camp store. If campers wish to bring their own lunch instead of having the camp lunch provided, coolers will be made available. Please make sure to look for the cold lunch check in table each day of camp.

Where and when is registration/check in?

Check in will take place the Monday morning of each camp week at the Al McGuire Center located at 770 N 12th St, Milwaukee. Camp begins at 9:00 am sharp, but our doors open to campers at 8:30 am. Day 1 check in day is always the busiest, so please make sure all of your dues are paid in full, and your waiver form has been signed and submitted. Doors will be open at 8:00 am for Day 1 only.

Pick up will be in the same spot as drop off at the Al McGuire Center at 3:30 pm M-F of camp. (See “Where Do I Park?” below for details on parking). At Check In, campers will give their name, grab a camp jersey, and make stops at some optional stations. There is a medical station check in if needed, a bag drop off if you brought a small bag, and a cold lunch drop off if you prefer to not have the included hot lunch. You can also stop at the CAMP STORE! There you can purchase camp cash cards. This is a great option for parents to get day 1 to avoid the campers using cash. Camp cash cards can be used to purchase snacks throughout the day at our camp store.

*** If you are crossing the street at all, you must cross at the cross walks. No crossing in the middle of the street. Public safety will be out there to point all families and campers in the right direction. This is to help all of you to get out of camp in a timely, safe manner. Please help us set examples for our campers.

Gym locations

Where do I park?

All parents/guardians can park at our Wells street visitor parking lot/Structure 2 - located at 1240 W. Wells St. Structure 2 is steps away from The Al McGuire Center. The structure gates will be open all day for free parking. If you need additional information you can visit the website.

On the first day of camp, we highly recommend parking and walking your camper into the Al McGuire Center 770 N 12th St. After day 1 drop off, feel free to pick/drop off your camper right in front of the Al McGuire Center. Each day, Marquette Public Safety will have the street in front of the McGuire center partially blocked off to make a carpool lane so drop off/pick up runs as smooth as possible. Most parents are aware, however, campers will be dismissed from youngest to oldest each day. The camp coaching staff will walk the campers upstairs so they can exit. Campers can grab their backpacks/snacks/etc. on their way out. Some parents park daily so they can grab their campers in the lobby. The camp coaches will walk the remaining campers outside where we will find parents who are parking in the carpool lane. Please be patient, and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for your camper. No campers are to “meet” anywhere else, or walk away without a parent/guardian. We do this, because safety is our absolute #1 concern, so we appreciate everyone following those rules.

*** If you are crossing the street at all, you must cross at the cross walks. No crossing in the middle of the street. Public safety will be out there to point all families and campers in the right direction. This is to help all of you to get out of camp in a timely, safe manner. Please help us set examples for our campers.

Where will my camper be throughout the week?

Campers will be split up into different leagues based on age. These divisions will be released closer to the start of camp.

Throughout the week you can watch your son play at any time. Each league will play in their own gym. School buses are used to transport campers who are not playing at the Al McGuire Center. Below are the gyms on campus which we use:

  1.     MU gym, 1532 W. Clybourn Street
  2.     MU Rec Center, 525 N 16th Street
  3.     The Rec Plex, 915 W Wisconsin Ave
  4.     The Al McGuire Center, 770 N 12th Street

Will meals be provided for campers?

Yes- every day the campers will have a lunch break, where they will be served a hot lunch. The menu for the week will be posted day 1 of camp. If you want to bring your own lunch, please feel free to do so. Make sure it is properly labeled, and make sure to take it out of your campers backpack once you arrive. We will store the cold lunches in coolers, and make sure to take them over to the cafeteria so all campers can eat with their teams.

Should your camper have any dietary needs or allergy restrictions that need to be brought to our attention, let us know in advance on the online registration form. The form has fields for the type of allergy and the procedure our camp staff should follow in case a reaction occurs at camp. Please follow up with an email to if you need the dining hall staff to be aware of a certain allergy. The cafeteria staff is very cognizant about food allergies and makes it their priority to not use peanut oil when cooking, or any peanuts, etc. We also ask that those campers and their families visit with our camp medical training staff at their check-in table day 1 so that they can discuss, in detail, the condition and any concerns. If the camper has an epi-pen for emergency use, we ask that you bring one for us to have at the Al McGuire Center and we also ask that the camper bring along a string backpack clearly labeled with his name so that he can carry the epi-pen with him as he goes from place-to-place on campus. Please feel free to communicate with us in any way to create a safe environment.

What is a typical day like?

Camp begins at 9:00 am and ends at 3:30 pm, daily.

Marquette’s Camp is geared towards providing instruction to its campers through a fun and exciting atmosphere. The camp will teach your child skills including passing, shooting, ball-handling and individual development.

Camp starts at the Al McGuire Center where all campers meet. From there, different age groups head to their prospective gyms (divisions will be released closer to the start of camp). All groups will warm up, go through stations, and play at least 1 game before lunch. After lunch, there will be a camp activity including fun activities such as relay races, coaches vs. campers, etc. Campers then head to their league gym for an afternoon of more exciting drills, stations, and games. All campers return to the Al McGuire Center at the end of the camp day for announcements and the awarding of daily winners including Mr. Hustle and Camper of the Day.

Will there be medical staff at the camp?

Certified trainers will be present at all times during camp. If your child has any medical condition, limitations, allergies, etc. please let our staff know. Trainers will be informed and will be responsible for all medications during camp. Day 1 of registration for each camp session you will have a chance to meet the training staff, introduce your camper, and give them all necessary equipment and or instructions. Please know, our experienced, certified trainers are present to ensure your child has a safe and enjoyable time at camp. If you have any questions or concerns ahead of time you can always reach out to us at

What are camp cash cards?

Camp Cash Cards are considered the equivalent of cash at Marquette Basketball Camps and are available for campers who’d prefer the alternative to carrying cash all day. Parents/guardians can purchase camp cash cards with any amount and at any time during the week at the camp store. The camp store features snacks, drinks, sweatbands, Marquette gear, and more!

Can my son be on the same team as his friends or for a carpool?

Campers are placed on teams according to age, size and ability. Our priority in forming teams is to have balanced competition. Therefore, we cannot honor team assignment requests. In some cases, players are “traded” from their original team assignment to better balance the competition. All kids no matter what ages start and end at the same time, so carpool has nothing to do with team assignments. Thank you for your understanding.

What if my son has to leave early?

For the security of your child, please inform camp staff in writing at the beginning of the day if your child needs to leave early ( This should include your information, camper's information, and who will be picking the child up. After day 1 of camp, you will know what team your child has been drafted to. If you can include that information, it will be very helpful. Your child will be escorted to the Al McGuire Center to be picked up at the necessary time. ALL EARLY releases need to come in and pick up your child in the lobby of the Al McGuire Center. Thank you!

What happens on the last day of camp?

The last day of camp is Championship Friday!!! Championship Friday includes tournament games as well as an awards ceremony. Campers compete each day in friendly competitive competitions which allow them to advance to the championship. Friday, we will announce the winners, and they will receive their prizes.

Parents are encouraged to attend all tournament games as well as the awards ceremony. During the day on Friday, the campers will be at their gyms they have been at all week. Please see signs all over the Al McGuire Center or via emails from us.

After the awards ceremony, we say bye to campers and dismiss all campers. This is all still planned to conclude by 3:30pm on Friday. If your son will be leaving early on the last day, please let us know ahead of time to ensure he receives his certificates, basketball, awards, etc.

Please note the schedules for championship Fridays will not be released until Friday morning. Parents can visit our “Live Camp Updates” tab on this website, Marquette Basketball Facebook page, and Marquette Twitter for live updates* We will post the brackets with the team specific schedules.
Twitter: @MarquetteMBB  Facebook: Marquette Men’s Basketball

**Even if you do not have Facebook or Twitter, make sure to visit our “Live Camp Updates” tab on this website where all information and times regarding Championship Friday will be posted. While we do our best to keep this updated, please understand we are running camp and that is most important. We know a lot of parents email that day to ask about wins/losses. Our website and the social media pages are the best way to stay current. Thanks for understanding.

Will the Marquette merchandise be available for sale during the camp session?

Yes, there will be a variety of MU items for sale in our camp store.

Will former MU players be attending camp?

The Marquette family includes former and current players. We try and invite former players to come make camp appearances. If it works with their busy schedules/off season they will try and be there, however we cannot guarantee it.

Can I stay and watch my son participate in camp?

Yes, parents are welcome to stay and watch their children at any time during our camp in a designated location. Parents can come and go as they please.

Is there a registration deadline?

Although there is not a set registration deadline, we encourage everyone to register as early as possible. ENROLLMENT IS LIMITED AND AVAILABLE ON A FIRST-COME-FIRST- SERVED the past camps have sold out by MARCH 1st. All camp dues need to be paid in full two weeks prior to your camp session start date. We appreciate all of your cooperation on this. If you have any questions, please email

Will I receive a confirmation letter to verify the status of my son’s application?

Yes. All campers will receive a confirmation email. This email will contain all of the necessary information needed for camp. Please check back here periodically for any updates/changes.

How do I get in touch with a camper if there is an emergency?

For all emergencies, please call the camp office at 414.288.7130

If I am staying with my child, are there any places for me to eat?

    The Broken Yolk & Sandwich Shoppe
        1617 W Wells St, Milwaukee, WI 53233, (414) 763-6756

    Burger King
        1400 W Wells St, Milwaukee, WI 53233, (414) 344-9840

        1601 W Wells St, Milwaukee, WI 53233 (414) 933-1601

    Jimmy John’s
        1532 W Wells St, Milwaukee, WI 53233 (414) 344-1234

What if it is raining/storms during camp?

If we experience any weather issues, we have our campus public safety in charge of all camp security. They will be monitoring all storm reports live making sure that everything is safe. We have Marquette Shuttle busses for all campers to transport them from all locations while the storm lasts.

If we get any kind of weather warnings or tornado watches, we have a pre-designed plan in place to bring all campers down to the basement where we have the Marquette Men’s Basketball team practice gyms. No windows, and everyone will be as safe as they can be. We hope that the summer weather will bring only sunshine, but we always are prepared in case we ever need to execute this.

Do you take photos during camp?

YES!!! Parents are encouraged to follow us on our social media pages. We would love to have you share any great photos you might have captured during the camp week! We post photos daily of all of our camp activities. Just a reminder… TWITTER: @MarquetteMBB Facebook: “Marquette Men’s Basketball