Marquette University-Men's Basketball


"This camp was absolutely amazing. Our son came home each day happy and excited to return the following day. He LOVED being coached by and meeting the MU players and having access to Coach Wojo."

"Thank you for making this such a positive experience for our son. I love the guiding principles of respecting others, being good teammates, working hard, playing fair and being grateful for the opportunity to attend camp. Our camper thanked me for sending him before he went to bed on Friday night."

“My son was so excited for the first day and we requested to be on the same team as all of our friends. The camp did not allow the request because of the capacity of camp. My son was so nervous and I was very skeptical why we could not request a teammate. They promised me he would make friends and if by mid- week he was not having a blast, they would take a look at our situation. By Tuesday morning my son was begging me to take him to camp. I learned a valuable lesson as a parent, and appreciated the guidance and communication of the camp staff on dealing with this bump in the road that turned into a blessing. GO MU!”

"The overall camp experience was incredible. Great enthusiasm by the staff, excellent organization and facilities, and the camp did a great job of making my camper feel great about himself while teaching some fundamentals. Thank you!"

"We had no idea what to expect, but we were blown away from the minute we got to the corner of the building and heard the music and the staff outside. And then to see that every day! Thanks for a great camp for our son, he cannot wait to go back next year!"

"MU did a phenomenal job -- every single staff member, coach, etc. showed genuine care and interest in these kids. I was blown away. THANK YOU!"

"Best organized camp I’ve seen and my son absolutely loved it!"

"I have nothing but great things to say about this camp! It was extremely well run."

"Always a most excellent time! Love Coach Wojo!"

"This was our first year attending and my son loved it!"

"Our son had a great time and really enjoyed being part of the MU basketball family for the week."

"My son loves Marquette camp, he picks it every year over other camps. :)"

"Our son LOVED camp!!! Couldn't wait to get there every morning and didn't want to leave. He learned a lot and looks forward to next year!!"

"The amount and cadence of communication regarding how to prepare and what to expect was outstanding! Thank you for making a first time camper feel ready to go on day one."

"My very picky eater loved the food - he raved how it was so much better than hot lunch at school! Plus it was so nice to not have to pack a lunch each day."

"My camper went into camp as a guy that only thought he could play defense. You built his confidence so much that he scored a basket in the semi-finals and finals games of the tournament on the last day!"

"There were a lot of life lessons that our 5 year old learned while at camp, not just basketball skills. He learned about compassion, money management, you don’t always win the trophy (no matter how hard you try), teamwork, and taking care of your body (eat well, drink water. And get rest). Thank you to all the folks that put this camp on. I couldn't be happier with our experience."

"Everything was amazingly planned and executed. We had a great experience and I couldn't be prouder to be an alum. So thankful I have a son so we can experience this awesome camp together! Thank you to all involved. You made a 5 year old’s dreams come true!!"

"Loved the counselors. I couldn’t have been more happy with the energy and attention they provided to each kid and to their group."

"We’ll be back for many years to come."

"This was by far one of the best camps we have attended. I loved how parents were allowed to spectate. Pop in when convenient, see the live time schedules and stats. It was so helpful!"

"I noticed the difference in my son's playing immediately. He learned a lot."

"I was extremely impressed on how organized and polite staff was- especially on the first day!"

"My son learned so much during camp! He loved the interaction between the coaching staff and being amongst other kids with different skill levels! I wish the camp was longer than a week!"

"The amount of staff was incredible. We were nervous since our son is younger but we felt comfortable once we saw how many adults, players and coaches were helping. The energy of the staff was great."

"This camp is so well run. I was beyond impressed with how organized it was given the number of campers and the strength of the coaching staff. I had 3 kids in 3 different "leagues" and all 3 had an unbelievable time."

"I was blown away by the quality of the staff at all levels of the camp. The people that checked you in, working the concession stand, the coaches - everyone was super friendly and truly seemed as if they wanted to kids to have the best time possible."

"I think all 3 of my boys improved over the course of the week. They got a better sense of the game and knew what areas they needed to improve on and how to go about doing so."

"My son loves this camp and has been attending for 5 years. It's the highlight of his summer. He loves being downtown, seeing/meeting the coaches and players, and the freedom of having his own camp cash is an extra bonus."

"I was so impressed by the head coach’s speech at the end of camp about the kids going home and thanking the person or people that took the time and money to send their kids to camp. I was very proud to be a MU alumni that day, sitting in that beautiful Al McGuire Center and listening to such a wonderful closing message. It is so nice for our boys to have such positive role models in the coach and his players."

"I was very impressed. We will definitely sign up again next year. My son loved it!"

"My camper enjoyed his coaches! They seemed to give each kid attention and instruction, and made the week fun."

"Love this camp! Love the emails with all the awards listed for each day and the great communication."

"Great camp. I LOVED the fact that they didn't need to take anything with them, except wear their jersey and you provided! No extra bags, lunches, water bottles! Great"

"My kids have attended both Badger and Marquette camps and they actually prefer the Marquette camp which I hate to admit since I went to Madison."

"My son had a difficult time leaving me one morning and I had several coaches/staff come up to us and talk to my son and reassure him that everything would be okay. Those same coaches/staff checked in with me the two days following the incident to make sure my son was doing okay."

"Thank you for the great opportunity! My son had an incredible time!"

"My son loves camp and looks forward to it every summer!"

"Great camp! This was our second year and our son had a blast. He learns so much, but also builds friendships with kids he may otherwise not be introduced to. We’ll definitely be back next year."

"My son absolutely loved the food at camp."

"Marquette puts on an excellent program. Please keep doing what you are doing."

"Amazing program! All the communication needed was provided timely and frequently. Day one drop off was the most well run and organized I have experienced."

"Amazing staff...loved the enthusiasm and energy. All the staff I saw were ready to help the kids and cheer them on."

"Very positive environment."

"Loved all the attention the coaches gave to the kids. Very hands on and positive."

"My son couldn't stop talking about how much he enjoyed this camp. Will definitely be signing up again next year."

"My son loved everything about this camp & is looking forward to returning next year. Thank you!"

"The best camp around! Thanks for the time and dedication given by your staff to make this event such a successful event that runs so smoothly!"

"It was a great experience! Well run and a great way to engage youth with MU."

"Very organized, great communication, positive atmosphere!"

"You did a terrific job at managing kids and reuniting them with their parents after camp. Drop off is easy and efficient."

"My kids love the competition and time they spend with friends and making new friends."

"Very well run, good creative balance of fun and competition and great integration with the Marquette mission."

"Coaches show a lot of enthusiasm throughout camp day/week! The excitement is contagious and the boys have an amazing time! The update sheet at the end of the week written at the end of the week was very thoughtful!"

"The excitement is contagious. Loved how many of the coaches gave high fives on the way into the building. Also, my son mentioned that the wheelchair Special Olympics team came and played with them. That was a very cool experience for him to be a part of. Thanks!"